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Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Faridabad

At Dr. Parul Sharma, believes in offering the best to our clients through effective and affordable treatments. As a leading root canal treatment specialist in Faridabad, we have the tools, expertise and infrastructure of trained Endodontists (RCT Specialist) to deliver unparalleled results for all dental treatments. Puredent Clinic offers Root Canal treatment to patients at an affordable price. As the best dentist for Root Canal Treatment in Faridabad, we will make sure you leave the clinic with satisfaction and a painless smile. Connect with us to schedule an appointment for your RCT today.

Root Canal Treatment is done on a damaged or infected tooth. Infection could be due to a cracked or broken tooth, deep decay, gum diseases or maybe due to repeated dental treatment on a particular tooth. This procedure is done by an Endodontist who is known as a Root Canal Specialist in Faridabad. The procedure involves:

1. Removal of inflamed or infected tooth material
2. Cleaning and disinfection
3. Filling and sealing with an inert material
4. Restoration and crown/cap
5. It is a multi-step procedure and may require multiple sittings.